The “Rocket Cluster” gathers different competencies engineering companies to empower knowledge and capacity for Baltic countries. The purpose is to become more competitive and capable of delivering larger projects for Today’s market. The competitiveness of the cluster members will increase their ability efficiency of enterprises, the creation of innovations. We will ensure project effectiveness by a balanced budget for implementing the activities, with the estimated costs of EUR 187 929.33.


  • Develop new products and technologies.

  • Apply for various sources of funding, structural funds and attract investors.

  • Join international networking organizations.

  • Participate in international procurement tenders in joint activities.

  • To expand the competencies of the cluster and its members and raise qualifications.

Major achievements:

  • In joint activity, the “Rocket cluster” with “Metal production” and “Sirputis“ (Seaweed processing technologies) will develop a project “The Technology of Universal Position-Modular Cultivation, Automated Harvesting of Edible Seaweed” The total value of this project is 4 million EUR.

  • The “Rocket Cluster” became a member and mentor of The SUBMARINER Network (

  • The „Rocket Cluster“ became a member of the European Algae Biomass Association (

Gediminas Tamosaitis
+370 676 34424.

  • Aquaculture, offshore, marine and industry;
  • Engineering, purchasing and fund rising consulting;
  • Engineers for hire;
  • NON STANDARD equipments & constructions, batch and scale-up production;
  • R&D, QA, QC, PO and project management.

Industrial and Maritime automatic control and electrical systems.

  • Cabinet design and assembly;
  • PLC, HMI, SCADA programming.

„Industrial Heroes“ is a brand of company LZT and it is a part of LZT group, specializing in producing parts for biogas and wastewater treatment plants.


– Containerized solutions – tanks for liquids or chemicals, technical tanks for WWTP (buffer, MBR, MBBR, sludge, aeration tanks), technical rooms, anaerobic tanks, heat distribution tanks; 

– Plastic tanks – underground, on-ground; 

– Assembling tanks – stainless or galvanized steel, glass fused to steel;

– Assembly and installation of plastic or steel pipelines;

– Non-standard plastic products.

Mechanical equipment design, production and installation.

  • Transportation systems;
  • Dosing and assembly machines.

HVAC Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Team of advanced construction engineering consultancy, creating a sustainable environment transparently and qualitatively.

  • Digital design;
  • Project and construction management services;
  • Territory planning;
  • Project planning;
  • Environmental services;
  • Breeam.

Not associated member.

TeleSoftas is an innovation house that elevates brave business ideas into the future. We help our partners adopt digital transformation by utilizing our 15 years’ experience delivering product engineering solutions and know-how of the most cutting-edge technologies. Our team consists of top-level experts, engineers and designers, based in six cities, including Amsterdam, San Francisco and Zurich, as well as its three sites in Lithuania. Founded on principles of networking, sharing and open collaboration, we aim to improve society for everyone through cutting edge technology, innovation and know-how.

  • Business consulting;
  • IT Product engineering;
  • Mobile app development;
  • Software Development Services.


Not associated member.

Seaweed technology is being developed in Lithuania

„Sirputis“ (Seaweed processing technologies) In cooperation with Lithuanian partner “Metal production” will develop macroalgae cultivation technology. After implementation of this project, it is expected to attract foreign investment and to offer an important innovation to the market.

In joint activity with “Metal production” and “Rocket cluster”, the company will develop a project “The Technology of Universal Position-Modular Cultivation, Automated Harvesting of Edible Seaweed”. The total value of this project is 4 million EUR. The amount of 2.9 million EUR is intended for the project implementation under the means “Smart FDI” of European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020.

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Motivation to join Alliance as a mentor for Blue Growth

Gediminas Tamosaitis – CEO and Co-Founder of Metal Production UAB & coordinator of Rocket Cluster became Alllience member as a mentor for Blue Groth.

Metal Production is very motivated to meet different cases and other mentors in network. Be a part of Baltic blue economy growth and find feasible business cases for potential investments or for their sale leads. The expertise of Gediminas is process automation, engineering and production of non-standard equipment for aquaculture, industry and offshore sectors.

Metal Production UAB is SME in Lithuanian since 2012 with engineering office who helps to develop conceptual projects, do process automation and produce nonstandard equipment & constructions, for sub-sea, aqua culture, offshore or marine industry sectors. Also, the company is one stop shop for fast track production.

Rocket Cluster since 2017 gathers different competences engineering companies to empower knowledge and capacity. Purpose of joint venture is to become more competitive and capable to deliver larger challenging projects in shorts terms for Today`s market.

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Membership of European Algae Biomass Association EABA

Steering Board of European Algae Biomass Association EABA approved membership of Rocket Cluster on behalf of Metal Production. We are looking forward to involving our coordinating cluster competences and helping within engineering and scale-up challenges for different Algae stakeholders. Our motivation is to meet new cases and early-stage Scale-up`s in the network.

We believe we will create value for its members and participants by providing those who needed multi competence engineering consultations and the possibility of Rocket Fast Production.

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Metal Production UAB is implementing the partially EU-funded project Rocket Cluster Involvement in International Network Chains Pursuing to Find New Export Markets.

Founded in 2011, UAB Metal Production offers engineering and outsourcing services from the Baltic region. The company is located in Šiauliai, Lithuania. In the market we focus on the marine and oil industries, providing high quality services and products at competitive prices. Metal Production UAB has accumulated extensive knowledge and extensive network of suppliers in the Baltic region, it is a rapidly growing and improving company.

At the present time, as a result of the rapid expansion of globalisation influence, businesses are increasingly confronted with increasing competition in the international marketplace and with the difficulty of gaining a substantial competitive advantage. In order to remain competitive, it is necessary to allocate the resources required to increase competitiveness and efficiency. As a result, clusters consisting of geographically concentrated, interacting, cooperative and complementary businesses are gaining increasing importance in global economic development. They create favourable conditions for increasing the productivity, innovativeness, quality of manufactured products, development and improvement of new products or technologies.

The cluster Rocket Cluster is a joint venture organisation with 5 members (SME, 5 members in total: Cluster Coordinator / Applicant (Metal Production UAB) and Cluster Members / Project Partners (AKSONAS UAB, Santaviltė UAB, LZ Tehnika UAB, ANAGA UAB) provides engineering design, manufacturing services and other services related to such activities. The members of the cluster aim to consolidate their activities by organising and expanding the export of engineering services and products in order to expand their export and attract foreign clients to the companies of the Cluster.

The project of Metal Production UAB is implemented in accordance with the implementation measure No 03.2.1-LVPA-K-807 Business Cluster LT of the Priority 3 “Promoting the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” of the “Operational Programme for the European Union Funds’ Investments in 2014-2020” Project Number 03.2.1-LVPA-K-807-02-0031. The objective of the measure is to engage cluster members in international networking chains, expand new export markets and promote networking with other companies at international level.

The aim of the project implemented by Metal Production UAB is to increase the international competitiveness of the Rocket Cluster by combining the capabilities, competencies and contacts of the companies.

The amount of investments from the European Union Structural Funds for the implementation of the project is EUR 187 929.33.

The duration of the implementation of the project is 24 months.

UAB „Metal Production” įgyvendina ES lėšomis dalinai finansuojamą projektą „Rocket Cluster įsitraukimas į tarptautines tinklų grandines, siekiant rasti naujas eksporto rinkas”.

UAB „Metal Production“ įkurta 2011 m., siūlo inžinerijos ir agentavimo perkant paslaugas iš Baltijos regiono. Įmonė įsikūrusi Šiauliuose, Lietuvoje. Rinkoje daugiausia dėmesio skiriame jūrų ir
naftos pramonei, tiekiant aukštos kokybės paslaugas ir produktus konkurencingomis kainomis. UAB „Metal Production“, turi sukaupę išsamias žinias ir platų tiekėjų tinklą Baltijos regione, sparčiai auga ir tobulėja.

Šiuo metu pasaulyje sparčiai plečiantis globalizacijos įtakai verslo įmonėms vis dažniau tenka susidurti su didėjančia konkurencija tarptautinėje rinkoje, taip pat vis sunkiau įgyti esminį konkurencinį pranašumą. Siekiant išlikti konkurencingu būtina skirti resursus, būtinus konkurencingumui ir efektyvumui didinti. Dėl šios priežasties pasaulio ekonomikos plėtroje vis didesnę svarbą įgyja klasteriai, kuriuos sudaro tam tikroje geografinėje vietovėje sukoncentruotos, tarpusavyje sąveikaujančios, vykdančios bendrą veiklą, taip pat savo specifine veikla papildančios viena kitą verslo įmonės. Jose susidaro palankios sąlygos didinti įmonių produktyvumą, inovatyvumą, gerinti gaminamų produktų kokybę, kurti ir tobulinti naujus produktus ar technologijas.

„Rocket Cluster“ klasteris – tai jungtinės veiklos pagrindu veikianti organizacija, kurios nariai (MVĮ, iš viso 5 nariai: Klasterio koordinatorius/Pareiškėjas (UAB „Metal Production“) ir Klasterio nariai/Projekto partneriai (UAB „AKSONAS“, UAB „Santaviltė“, UAB „LZ technika“, UAB „ANAGA“) teikia inžinerinio projektavimo, gamybos paslaugas ir kitas su šia veikla susijusias paslaugas. Klasterio nariai siekia suvienyti savo veiklas organizuodamos bei plėsdamos inžinerinių paslaugų ir gaminių eksportą, siekiant išplėsti jų eksportą, pritraukti užsienio klientus į Klasterio įmones..

UAB „Metal Production“ projektas įgyvendinamas pagal 2014–2020 metų Europos Sąjungos fondų investicijų veiksmų programos 3 prioriteto „Smulkiojo ir vidutinio verslo konkurencingumo skatinimas“ įgyvendinimo priemonę Nr. 03.2.1-LVPA-K-807 „Verslo klasteris LT“ projekto numeris 03.2.1-LVPA-K-807-02-0031. Priemonės tikslas – Klasterio nariams įsitraukti į tarptautines tinklų grandines, plėsti naujas eksporto rinkas, taip pat skatinti tinklaveiką bendradarbiaujant su kitomis įmonėmis tarptautiniame lygmenyje..

UAB „Metal Production“ įgyvendinamo projekto tikslas – „Rocket Cluster“ klasterio tarptautinio konkurencingumo didinimas, apjungiant įmonių galimybes, kompetencijas ir kontaktus.

Projektui įgyvendinti iš Europos Sąjungos struktūrinių fondų skirta 187 929,33 Eur investicijų suma.

Projekto įgyvendinimo trukmė 24 mėnesių.